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Pink Sands Reed Diffuser

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A fabulous way to boost scent in your home, without the worry of having to light a candle.

This juicy, fruity yet floral fragrance has top notes of  sweet orange and a medley of coconuts, strawberries, melons and bananas leading to a floral heart of muguet, rose and jasmine scattered with clary sage and cloves.  This rests on a base of  sweet vanilla and sugar.

Our handmade reed diffusers are ideal for any rooms in the home, including the bedroom, bathroom & living areas. A fabulous way to add scent to your room without having to worry about it! These are very low maintainence, and have special reeds to prevent clogging of fragrance.

Whilst the reeds can be turned over to provide an instant scent boost, with this new technological advancement in the reed, it is no longer required and you are fine to leave the reeds in until the product is fully used up.

Each diffuser comes with 8 reeds included for maximum scent throw!

Our reed diffusers last on average 1-2 months, but in some cases they can last up to three. This all depends on the ambient room temperature - the warmer the room is, the stronger the scent is, however the quicker it is used up. In cooler rooms the scent throw is usually not as intense, however, it will last longer.

Reed Diffuser Safety Information:

Warning Flammable liquid. Do not ingest. Do not light. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Use gloves when handling used reeds. People with perfume sensitivity should be cautious when using. Do not place the diffuser directly onto polished, painted, leather or plastic surfaces, as accidental spillage may cause damage.