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Grey Double Burner Wax Melter & Oil Burner

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Grey Double Burner Wax Melter & Oil Burner

About this Wax Melt/Oil Burner

This large grey double burner is perfect for those who love a strong scent throw. The dishes allow separate melts to be burnt, allowing you to mix separate scents to create your own unique scents

Stylish, light and fun, it brightens up any room and is perfect for melting wax melts.

This wax melter uses a tea light to warm the wax, and results in a strong scent throw.

Oil Burner/Wax Melter Care Guide

To remove the wax, please wait until the wax has fully cooled and the candle has been blown out. Once the wax is cool/hard, push lightly on one edge of the wax, and the wax should be easily removed from the burner.

If the wax is a bit more stubborn, then try and light the candle for no more than 20 seconds to slightly melt the wax and then extinguish immediately. The wax should be softened at the bottom, and again if you press on one side of the wax it should remove. 

Please do not remove the wax using sharp objects which may damage the burner and cause it to crack under heat.