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Wax Melters & Wax Burners

Looking to buy a wax melter or burner? You are in the right place! We have a great selection of wax melt burners to choose from, and can provide advice on choosing the best one for you!

Here are some common questions about wax melt burners.

1. How to get wax melt out of a wax melt burner

Answer: This is easy! Simply light a tealight for a few seconds (approx 10) and then blow out. With one hand, hold the wax melt burner, and with the other, slide the wax slightly to the side. The heat generated from the tealight should loosen the wax from the wax melt burner and allow it to be removed easily.

2. What is the difference between wax melt burners - both electric and tealight?

The big question - traditional tealight burners vs electric wax burners - what is the difference?

Great question! Whilst both wax melt burners intend on doing the same job, they do them slightly differently!

Traditional tealight burners heat the wax using the heat from the flame, which heats the wax in the dish above, and the scent is released.

Benefits: A tealight wax melt burner often heats a lot hotter, therefore the scent throw is often a lot stronger (so you can smell more of the melt, quicker), however, this can shorten the life of the fragrance of the wax melt. This is because it is released quicker, so whilst the scent is often a lot stronger, it does mean they last a shorter time.

Electric wax burners use a light bulb as the heat source. The lamp is turned on with the dish above it, and this gently heats the wax and releases the scent. This is a great alternative, and a lot safer in the fact is there is no flame and no need to re-buy tealights! These tend not to burn as hot however, so the scent throw is not as strong, but is perfectly pleasant and suits most people, except those who love their wax melts really strong! Electric wax melt burners are therefore a great choice for many homes.

Some electric wax burners now include a heat plate, which heats the wax but without the bulb! Again, customers tend to trial and error to see which wax melt burner suits thier personal circumstances best! Some people swear by using a traditional wax melt burner, but others prefer the convenience and simplicity of electric wax melt burners.

Why buy a wax melt burner/electric wax melt burner from Oh My Melt?

We buy all our wax melt burners from UK suppliers, meaning we can check their track record to ensure they provide us with the best wax melt burners you can get! We can be assured of quality and effectiveness - after all, you want your wax burner to only perform well but also to look great in your home! Whether it's an electric wax burner or a traditional wax burner, we've got you covered!

Wax Melt Burners make a great gift!

Check out our selection of wax melt burners - they are a great gift idea. Wax melters and a selection of bars create such a personalised, thoughtful gift for birthdays, Christmas or just as a great way of saying 'I love you'!. We also have wax melt gift sets that feature both tealight and electric wax melt burners, so we do the hard work of packaging them and putting them together, but you get the joy of giving them! Our electric wax burners make a perfect premium feel gift.

Considerations when choosing a traditional wax melt burner or an electric wax melt burner.

Electric wax melt burners (or often referred to electric wax burners) and tealight burners, aside from the way they work (via electric or candle) have another really important consideration - the size of the actual 'dish' at the top of the burner.

The dish fundamentally determines the quantity of wax that can be held in the burner. For those who like a strong scent throw, it is better to look for electric wax burners and tealight wax burners that have a larger dish. This way you can fit more wax into both burners, and therefore get a stronger scent throw!!

Our electric wax burner selection will have something to choose to make the perfect accompaniment to your home, or a gift for someone else!

 So there you have it, whichever you choose, a wax melt burner is a perfect way to burn your wax melts!