How to get wax out of wax melter

July 27 2022 – Oh My Melt

Getting wax out of your wax melter needn't be difficult, but many wax melt addicts seem to find this a very frustrating part of melting!

Whilst there are various different methods, the easiest hack we know of to get wax out of a wax melter is to follow this simple method!

Step 1. Let the wax warmer cool down

You shouldn't really attempt to remove wax from a wax warmer when it is still hot. Some individuals use kitchen rolls or a paper towel to soak up the used wax when it is still liquid - we think this is messy and can also lead to you getting burnt (not to mention wax dripping everywhere!). Our simple technique below avoids getting melted wax or liquid wax all over the place!

Step 2: Relight or rewarm the warmer briefly

The next thing after letting the wax cool is to warm it briefly. If you are using an electric wax burner, simply turn it on for no more than a minute or so. This should allow the wax at the bottom to gently warm. If you are using a tealight burner, pop the tealight on for no more than 30-40 seconds.

Step 3: Hold the burner and slide the wax to the side to remove

Now that the wax at the bottom of the dish has warmed slightly, it should be so easy to remove! Make sure you have a steady hold on your wax burner with one hand, and with the other, gently push to one side to remove the wax. The wax should slide out! If the wax is still not moving, it's likely you need to repeat step two above for a little longer!

This works so well - because the bottom of the wax is turned slightly to liquid yet the top of the wax melt is hard. This means the wax that was sticking the melt to the burner (and hence not allowing you to remove it!) has turned into a liquid, allowing you to simply slide the wax melt out at the top which should still be a solid piece, allowing easy removal from the dish. We love this method! It allows the removal of hardened wax, with none of the hard work! Simply pop the wax melt out!

Step 4: Clean the burner and prepare for your next melting session!

Once you're all done, take a damp cloth/kitchen roll or paper towel and gently wipe the burner dish. We do not recommend using any chemicals - as when you next turn your burner on, these could be released into the air - and is something you'd rather not be breathing in!! Give the burner a good wipe down and you're done!

Make sure to dispose of the used wax, which should be in a solid form and ready to dispose! If you are using a wax melt made by Oh My Melt, you can be assured that the wax is made out of natural sources, so throwing it away won't harm the environment. Our wax is all packaged in biodegradable packaging too! Wax melts can be good for you and the planet!

Step 5: Choose your next wax melt!

You've done it, and it's now time to change your wax! The exciting part starts now! You get to choose your next super strong fragrance, just like the ones available at Oh My Melt. Shop for the best value, great savings and free shipping over £30!

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