Why is my wax warmer smoking?

August 05 2023 – Oh My Melt


Wax warmers have become a popular choice for creating a warm and inviting ambiance at home. However, some users may encounter an issue of their wax warmers emitting smoke during use, causing concern and confusion. In this article, we will address these concerns, shed light on the reasons behind wax warmer smoking, and provide essential tips to prevent it from happening. Understanding the factors contributing to this issue will help users enjoy their wax warmers safely and efficiently.

**What is a Wax Warmer?**

Before we delve into the causes of wax warmer smoking, let's clarify what a wax warmer is and its purpose. A wax warmer is a device designed to melt scented wax melts, releasing delightful fragrances into the air. These warmers are a preferred choice over traditional candles due to their eco-friendly nature and cost-effectiveness. Wax warmers come in two main types: tealight warmers, which utilize the heat from a tealight candle to melt the wax, and electric warmers, which use a built-in heating element for the same purpose.

**What Are Wax Melts?**

Wax melts are small blocks or shapes made from scented wax. When placed in a wax warmer, they gradually melt, releasing the fragrance oil infused within them. This process allows the scent to disperse throughout the room, creating a soothing and pleasant atmosphere. Compared to traditional candles, wax melts offer several benefits, including longer-lasting scents, the ability to combine different fragrances, and the absence of open flames, making them safer for use around pets and children.

**Possible Causes of a Smoking Wax Warmer**

1. **White Smoke from Vaporized Fragrance Oil:** Sometimes, when wax melts are heated, they produce a small amount of white smoke as the fragrance oil vaporizes. This is a normal and harmless occurrence and should not be a cause for alarm.

2. **Black Smoke Indicating Overheated Wax:** If you notice black smoke coming from your wax warmer, it could be a sign of overheated wax. This may happen if the warmer is set at a high temperature or if the wax used contains additives that contribute to smoke production.

3. **Dangers of Using Paraffin Wax:** Paraffin wax is a common ingredient in some wax melts, but it may emit harmful substances when heated, leading to black smoke and indoor air pollution. Choosing alternative wax options, such as soy wax, can mitigate this issue.

**Preventing Wax Warmer Smoking**

To ensure your wax warmer operates efficiently and smoke-free, follow these essential safety tips:

1. **Proper Usage:** Always read and follow the manufacturer's instructions for your wax warmer. Avoid leaving the warmer unattended for extended periods.

2. **Choosing Natural Wax:** Opt for wax melts made from natural wax, which burns cleaner and produces less soot and smoke compared to paraffin wax.

3. **Regular Cleaning:** Clean your wax warmer regularly to prevent the buildup of residue, which can lead to smoke during heating.

**Selecting High-Quality Wax Melts**

To further reduce the chances of your wax warmer smoking, it's crucial to choose high-quality wax melts that are free from additives known to cause smoke. Oh My Melt offers an extensive collection of premium wax warmers and melts, all made from safe and eco-friendly ingredients. By switching to Oh My Melt products, you can enjoy delightful scents without worrying about smoke or harmful substances.


Addressing concerns about wax warmer smoking is vital to ensure a safe and pleasant experience with these popular home fragrance devices. By understanding the potential reasons behind smoking, opting for safe wax options, and following proper usage and cleaning guidelines, users can enjoy their wax warmers without any worries. For a wide selection of high-quality wax warmers and melts, visit Oh My Melt's website and transform your home with delightful scents today!