About Us/FAQ - Perfumed Wax Melts from Oh My Melt

Wax Melts with attitude.

We get it. We know you love those bright designs and heady scents. Welcome to our world!

We design our perfumed wax melts to please you (and, ourselves in the process!) We do this by understanding what makes a wax melt perfect, then doing it again, and again, and again, and tweaking each scented melt to make perfection.

We have some rules though! 

We only use natural wax blends in our Wax Melts

No other wax is ever used. We believe that natural waxes gives an excellent scent throw whilst reducing the nasties that some other waxes give off. Sounds good, right?

Wax melts with serious scent.

We pick and choose a lot. We chop, change, reformulate and redo. We value any feedback about our perfumes, what you love, what you'd like to see and what you don't. We run with that, do some magic, and share the love. 

Our melts are suitable for traditional burners and electric burners

We don't discriminate! Our scented wax melts are ideal for either burner. Just one thing though - follow the instructions!

What makes our wax melts strong?

We perfect our process and continually look at our suppliers to ensure we get the best quality wax melt fragrances to provide you with the best scents. Nothing but the best!


Are we cruelty free?

Yes - our wax melts are cruelty free. We only currently use UK suppliers to ensure that all our waxes, scents and other consumables are dispatched from the UK. None of our suppliers test on animals. And if they did, they'd be dropped!