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Are these soy wax melts?

We've made the switch to a soy-free formula, opting for a completely natural and sustainable wax blend.

This not only caters to those who may experience headaches from soy wax melts but also positions us as a leading provider of natural wax melts in the UK, committed to sustainability and quality.

Dive into our ever-expanding selection of enchanting wax melt scents to create a fabulous atmosphere in your home. Whether you're enjoying a cozy night in or welcoming guests, our home fragrance options will ensure your space smells absolutely divine.

Safe, Natural & Eco-Friendly wax melts that are hand poured in the UK

Our commitment to quality means we steer clear of nasties like paraffin, commonly found in commercial wax melt brands. We prioritize clean, safe wax melt ingredients to ensure a better experience for you and your home.

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Innovation is at the heart of what we do, from our cloud, rainbows & rain gift bag to our fabulous gift hampers. We're experts in scent, offering a range of wax melt gift sets that make perfect presents for any occasion.

By choosing our wax melts, you're supporting premium UK suppliers and, in turn, local jobs. Every wax tart purchase contributes to sustaining local communities and keeping jobs within the UK.

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No matter what you call them – wax melts, wax tarts, scented wax melts, or snap bars – they all have something in common: they smell incredible!

All our wax melts in the UK are hand-poured, making them perfect for both tea light burners and electric warmers. Discover the best wax melts, wax cubes, and candle melts in the UK with us! Our scented wax offers great value, whether you're using a tealight or an electric warmer.


How long do they last/ Why do wax melts lose their smell? How do I increase the longevity of my wax melt?

Several factors influence the longevity of wax tarts. The concentration of fragrance oil varies among manufacturers, so a lower concentration means the scent may dissipate quicker and might not be as strong. The type of wax burner used also plays a crucial role. Opting for long-lasting wax melts can help ensure a lasting fragrance.

Tea light wax tart burners typically burn hotter, providing a stronger scent throw. However, this can lead to a quicker evaporation of the fragrance oils.

On the other hand, electric burners, which gently warm the wax using a lamp, usually result in a more subtle fragrance release, highlighting the nuances of the wax melt fragrance release.

Using larger tealights for a hotter burn can enhance the scent throw but may shorten the fragrance's lifespan.

External factors like drafts can also affect how quickly a fragrance dissipates. We ensure our wax melts are strong and filled with a high concentration of ingredients for a long-lasting experience.

What should I do when I can no longer smell the fragrance?

Once a wax tart's scent fades, it indicates that most of the fragrance has evaporated. It's normal for wax melts to lose their scent over time, but we design ours for maximum wax melt longevity, ensuring they last as long as possible.

How do I remove the wax tart from a tealight burner?

The most effective way to remove wax from a tealight burner is to light the tealight for about 10-15 seconds and then blow it out.

This technique will soften the wax adhered to the burner.

Hold the burner with one hand and gently nudge the wax towards the edge with the other. For electric burners, turning it on for a short period will loosen the wax, facilitating easy wax melt removal.

Can wax melts be reused?

Wax melts can be used until the fragrance no longer releases. Always check the wax melt instructions on your burner to ensure a minimum amount of wax remains. Like scented candles, wax melts should be used under supervision.

Are wax melts safe for pets?

The composition of wax melts varies by manufacturer. At Oh My Melt, we pride ourselves on using a natural wax blend, steering clear of paraffin, a by-product of petroleum production, to ensure the purity of our wax melt ingredients.

Paraffin is coloured as it is a waste product and then bleached to make it white. We certainly wouldn’t want to breathe any fumes from this, or allow our customers or pets to!

As long as wax tarts are kept out of reach and sight of children and pets, and are made out of natural wax (not paraffin) and are crafted correctly, they are a safe way to enjoy a strong, cost-effective fragrance solution for your home, ensuring wax melt safety.

Can wax melts be used in an oil burner?

Each burner will have separate instructions so we always recommend you follow them carefully! The biggest issue that means often wax tarts cannot be used, is the size of the dish. Oil burners can often be a bit too small.


Can wax melts go off?

Most things, over time can go off! In terms of wax tarts, if stored correctly, it’s the fragrance oil that will degrade and not the wax. If the wax is stored at the correct conditions, it remains stable!

The fragrance oil will degrade over time, and the scent can start to evaporate into the environment.

The wax may also start to degrade meaning the scent is no longer as strong or can be smelt. We design our wax melts to be great air fresheners to really scent your environment!

Are wax melts environmentally friendly?

We believe that companies which create wax tarts with care absolutely can be environmentally friendly. Our base wax is non-toxic and environmentally friendly, highlighting our commitment to wax melt eco-friendliness.

Our wax tarts won't be sitting in a landfill for the next million years! We use fully biodegradable packaging and natural waxes to ensure we are as kind to our planet as we can be! We are proud to say NO to paraffin wax in our products.

You can reuse wax melts until they no longer emit a smell. Our commitment to being environmentally friendly and wax melt eco-friendliness makes us a great option to buy scented wax melts.

How can I make wax tarts smell for longer?

This is a simple but completely effective cheat to make your melts smell longer! Heat is needed to enable the scent to be released from the melt, however, it isn’t continually needed!

Our top tip is letting the melt fully turn to liquid in the burner, and keeping it going for another 3 minutes or so.

This allows the wax to get to a good temperature, and you should be able to clearly smell the melt. At this point, blow out the flame!

The continued high heat can rapidly release the remaining fragrance from the melt, reducing its life. With the wax pool still hot and warm, it will continue to release fragrance until it cools! We know our melts are long-lasting, and we're proud to sell them, showcasing our long-lasting wax melts.

Should wax melts smoke?

There can be a little clear/white smoke that can be seen when a wax melt is burning. If you are using wax tarts that have been made in a natural wax (such as ours!) then this is harmless.

If you are using those by a commercial brand that uses paraffin or inferior waxes, then the smoke has been reported to cause a headache or blocked nose. Our melt creation process does not use inferior waxes. We design home fragrances with you in mind.

This is why we always advocate using clean, natural waxes. Soy wax has been reported to also cause issues affecting females primarily, due to interference with hormones.

We therefore do not make soy wax melts, as we understand we have a large female customer base. We really do think we have some of the best wax melts in the UK in lots of different scents, so come and try us today and join us in melting your fabulous fragrances!

Will wax melts disappear or be used up completely?

Eventually, if they were left burning then yes the whole of the wax tart would evaporate. However, the fragrance will be released a long time before this is the case and therefore most people remove the wax melt and replace it with a new one.

Most wax tart burners do not advocate leaving the burner on when the wax reaches a minimum level, as burning the dish empty can cause the melter to crack which is exceptionally dangerous. Make sure you follow all instructions on wax melt removal.

Can wax melts be used to make candles?

To make a candle safely you need to be fully aware of exactly what concentration of fragrance has gone in, and use the correct wick. Wax melts therefore should not be made from candles.

If you're purchasing wax tarts you haven't made yourself, then you will not know the detailed information (such as what temperature the wax was previously heated to etc).

What is Scent Throw?

Scent throw refers to how much scent is released from a fragranced product, namely scented candles and wax melts.

A strong scent throw is determined not only by how much oil has been used in a product, but also by other factors including how hot or cold your room is, how small or large it is, and if there are any draughts or windows open.

If you are looking to buy scented wax melts with great scent throw, you've found the right place, whether for yourself or from one of our wax melt gift sets.

What Is A Tea Light Wax Tart Burner/Wax Melter?

Tea light wax tart burners, often crafted from ceramic, glass, or metal, come equipped with a space for the candle to nestle underneath the dish. Once the wax tart is placed in the dish, the flame from the tealight warmers is lit, setting the stage for a cozy ambiance.

The heat from the flame gently warms the wax, helping to release the enchanting scent from the wax melt into your living space.

A major advantage of these wax melt burners is their ability to work swiftly, thanks to the flame's intense heat. This not only ensures a quick warming of the wax but also guarantees a strong scent throw, making them a favorite for wax melt enthusiasts.

This makes tealight wax tart burners the go-to choice for those seeking a rapid burst of fragrance or those who prefer their scent throw to be on the stronger side. They remain the most sought-after type of wax melt burners on the market.

The main drawbacks include the need to frequently replace the tealights. Additionally, the presence of an open flame does pose a fire hazard, necessitating extra caution during use.


How are wax melts different to scented candles

Wax tarts and scented candles both aim to fill your home with delightful fragrances. Explore our extensive range of home fragrance products today and find the perfect scent to elevate your living space!

Our melts are known for their strong scent throw, achieved by heating the oil in the melt indirectly, rather than through direct heat application like the flame of a candle. While a candle can simply be lit for its fragrance, utilizing wax melts requires a wax melter for the full aromatic experience.

The flame in candles tends to burn up some of the fragrance oil quickly, which means that, although candles can have a good scent throw, they often can't hold a candle to the lasting fragrance of wax melts! That's why wax tarts, whether for personal use or as part of our wax melt gift sets, are the ideal choice for your home fragrancing needs.

All of our melts are hand-poured with love, offering fabulous scents like fresh laundry - perfect for those seeking laundry wax melts that double as a great air freshener.

Our wax melt gift sets aren't just for Christmas! We offer a variety of wax melt gift boxes throughout the year, including our specially curated men's wax melt gift boxes. Designed for personal enjoyment or as thoughtful gifts, our wax melts are sure to please.

We have some of the best wax melts in the UK! Our selection is enriched with a variety of fragrance oils, offering an unbeatable range of options that many of our customers love using as an air freshener. Just a gentle reminder to change the wax when the scent fades. We're enthusiasts of both candles and melts, recognizing how candles can create an ambiance that's truly hard to match.

Looking for the perfect gift? Our gift sets are an ideal choice, so don't hesitate to shop with us today!


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How to make wax melts

We are often asked how to make wax melts, and it isn't as simple as adding a fragrance to some wax. The temperature, volume and ratio all have to be correct - alongside the packaging and colours! We do the hard work so we can give you great quality wax melts and advise on how to use wax melts for the best possible effect!

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