Gel Wax Melts

What are gel wax melts?

Gel wax melts are a brand new way of enjoying your wax melts. Instead of using a traditional wax (like in soy wax melts or other waxes), a special gel wax is used. They are often known as gel wax, jelly wax melts or just jelly wax!

Gel wax is a newcomer onto the market, and as such, is very expensive, but we believe it's totally worth it! Gel wax melts are now available as part of our premium range and we will be expanding the amount we have available! Gel is a superior way of enjoying wax melts, because it holds fragrance for an extended period of time, meaning the burn time (and enjoyment of scent) can be even longer!

Gel wax melts are techinically more complex to make - care must be taken and knowing each of the fragrance oils and how they interact with the wax to ensure a safe and quality product is achieved.

Should I choose 'standard' wax melts, or gel wax melts?

The choice is yours! Our gel wax melts are brand new to market using the latest techniques of blending our gel wax and premium fragrance oils.

How long do gel wax melts last?

Jelly wax melts are similar to 'standard' wax melts in that the type of heat (electric or tealight) can have an impact on how quickly or slowly they burn. The great thing with gel wax is that it burns up to twice as slow as normal wax, meaning you get more bang for your buck and can enjoy your melts for longer!

We use the highest load of fragrance we can, meaning our gel wax pots can give up to 55-60hrs of fabulous fragrance depending on usage.

Are jelly wax melts/gel wax melts eco friendly?

All wax melts aren't created equal! The gel wax we use is vegan and cruelty free. Our packaging is also fully compostible! That means you don't need to worry about it being a single use plastic! In the right compostable conditions, the gel wax melt container can decompose in just 12 weeks! We are proud to have taken this approach so we leave a better world behind for those that come after us (without a load of mess!)

Are Gel Wax Melts Safe?

Yes, correctly made gel wax melts are perfectly safe. As gel wax melts behave differently from 'normal' wax, it's important four golden rules are followed!

  1. Never leave your wax melter unattended. This will help avert nearly every safety concern! Safe melting is happy melting!

  2. With Gel Wax Melts, we recommend only using ONE tealight - a normal 4hr tealight. Do NOT use more than one tealight, or extra large tealights. These will heat the gel to a very high temperature, which will cause the scent to be released too quickly. Heating the gel this hot is also not recommended as it increases the risk of accidental burns if you come into contact with the gel.

  3. Ensure if you are using a tealight wax burner, that there is sufficient gap between the tealight and the burner dish (around 10-15cm). This allows the wax to heat to release scent, but again makes sure the gel wax melt doesn't become too hot.

  4. Use a suitable burner. Burners with a very small dish (e.g. oil burners) are not recommended at all for gel melts. This is because the gel could overspill the smaller dishes and come into contact with the flame which could cause a fire hazard.

What is the wax in Jelly Wax Melts/Gel Wax Melts made of?

Gel wax is creating using both mineral oils and polymer resin, which gives the wax a slow melt rate and a long burn time. Fragrance, colour and other embeds (the nice decorative bits) can also be added later.

How do I remove Gel Wax Melts from a burner?

To remove gel wax melts from your burner, simply wait until the gel wax has completely cooled. Do not attempt to remove beforehand, as you may get burnt!

A top tip from our customers is to wait until the gel has cooled, and then flip it the other way ready for re-melting! This ensures a great even scent distribution and allows you to get the most out of your gel wax melt.


How do I make Gel Wax Melts?

Gel wax melts are complex to make. Special care needs to be taken to ensure the fragrance oil has the correct qualities to ensure it can safely be combined with the wax.

For that reason, we recommend if you are choosing to create your own, that you follow the instructions from your wax supplier.

The basic recipie however would be gel wax, plus your fragrance oil combined together. Your wax supplier will be able to tell you the specific melting point for the wax, and your fragrance supplier may be able to advise if the fragrance oil is suitable. Don't forget the legal requirements of CLP if you are selling your product!

Gel wax melts can be an amazing way to scent a home!

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