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Are you looking to purchase a new wax melt burner, but are unsure which type is best? Or are you after a more traditional tealight burner to burn scented wax to leave your home smelling wonderful?

Both types of these burners have benefits and drawbacks, and we are here to help explain the difference between these two different types. Below we've compiled everything you need to know about electric warmers and tea light wax warmers to help choose the best type for your journey to melt scented wax.


What Is A Wax Melt Burner?

A wax melt burner is a way to melt wax to release fragrance- a fantastic addition to a cosy night inside, sheltered away from all the elements outside! Burning a beautiful melt whilst curled up with a book (or Netflix!) is a great way to create a relaxing environment . A wax melt burner aims to release the fragrance from the wax in the most efficient and safe way.

A wax melt burner in some aspects is similar to a scented candle - both aim to provide you with a beautiful fragrant environment and help you to relax.

Wax melts typically provide a greater scent throw than scented candles, due to them being warmed intensely from underneath, whereas in a candle a portion of the fragrance oil is directly used up through the candle flame. Wax tarts are usually a cheaper price than candles.

What is Scent Throw?

Scent throw refers to how much scent is released from a fragranced product, namely scented candles and wax melts. A strong scent throw is determined not only by how much fragrance has been used in a product, but also by other factors including how hot or cold your room is, how small or large it is, and if there are any draughts or windows open.


What Is A Tea Light Wax Melt Burner?

Tea light wax melt burners are often ceramic, glass or metal appliances with space for a tealight to sit underneath the dish. The wax melt is placed in the dish, and the flame is then lit. The heat from the flame will warm the wax and help release the scent from the wax melt. A major advantage of tealight wax melt burners is that they work quickly, due to the flame being very hot. Due to the intense heat that they provide, they are also known to give a strong scent throw.

This makes this type of burner is ideal if you are looking to quickly get a strong  burst of scent, or prefer your scent throw stronger in general. These are still the most popular type of wax melt burners available.

The use of a real flame does present a fire risk, so extra care must be taken, especially when there are pets and children around. The same care should be taken just as you would with traditional candles. We will explain how electric powered melters can help increase safety via using of a heating plate or bulb, and how they are available at a reasonable price.

Another issue with traditional tea light burners is they must never be allowed to 'run dry'. This is where the wax has all dissipated from the bowl and there is none left, but the tealight burner is still on (the flame is still burning). Whilst this is rare, this can cause the actual burner itself to get to very high temperatures, and some have cracked or exploded due to this which is exceptionally dangerous and a large fire hazard. Tealight burners should therefore never be allowed to run dry, and a burning candle should never be left unattende


What Is An Electric Wax Melt Burner and How Does It Work?

If you are looking for a safe alternative to tea light wax burners, in our online shop, our electric wax burners are a good alternative. Electric models are often less intense due to the level of heat provided, which is not as intense as a flame. This means that the scent throw is lower, but lasts longer (due to less heat being applied to the melt). The main difference between electric wax burners is in tealight burners the tealight candles are the source of the heat. An electric wax warmer uses either a hot plate or the heat from a lightbulb to melt the wax to fragrance your home, with reduced danger risk. It can be difficult for our customers to decide which type to choose. Our online store keeps both types at a great price.

Often, the scent throw will be less intense which is ideal for those who like more of a 'background scent' vs a tea light burner which can sometimes be quite intense for fragrance sensitive individuals.

Are electric melters safer?

Electric warmers are also safer for households with pets or children,as the fire risk is greatly reduced. Some electric burners also come with timers installed into them, so they turn off automatically, protecting you if you forget. We sell UK approved electric melters in a range of colours and designs,and use UK suppliers for our burners and accessories.

In recent years, there have been further advancements in the area of electric wax melt burners. Some of the latest models even use energy saving bulbs, meaning that you are able to be kind to the environment whilst using them.

The bulbs are relatively inexpensive to change, and are cheaper in the long run than replacing tea lights each time you use the burner. Most models are supplied with spare bulbs, but these can easily be obtained online from a wide variety of places. Electric melters also have a range of different features such a timers etc.


Why are there different styles of Wax Melt burners?

Whilst there is often a large amount of similarity in the design of the burners, there is a wide range of styles available and this area is becoming ever more expansive.

Whilst most burners you see today will still be in a round or square design, there are creative designs such as hanging cauldrons, star designs or those which project patterns (such as fireworks!) onto the walls around using a bulb, or heating plate with a bulb. You can't get that with a candle!


How do Plug In Electric Wax Melt Warmers work?

Plug in wax melt warmers have appeared on the market in the past couple of years and are becoming more and more popular. Thier small and compact design lends them to houses with minimal room, or for those who love the concept and use of wax melts but do not want the source of the fragrance on active display.Whilst these are fantastic for those with limited space, the main drawback is that because the design is small, this leads to a smaller available space for the melt to go. Often, the design can only hold a small capacity of wax and therefore needs to be replaced more frequently. The bulb in such warmers is also likely to be a low voltage, and therefore will not get as hot.

This means that the scent throw is less intense. When this is combined with a smaller dish available for the wax to sit in, it can be lead to less of a 'fragrance experience', but again can be safer to use and are cheap in terms of replacement, and suit may decors and are often seen as stylish home accessories.


An example of an electric wax burner

An example of an electric wax burner


Below are two examples of traditional types of wax warmers

wax melt burnerWax Melt Burner