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Cruelty Free Wax Melts Handpoured wax melts

Our Premium Angel Gel Wax Melt gives you hours of fantastic scent, with no mess! Just peel off when fully cooled, and either flip over to see if you can keep getting more scent out, or dispose of when cooled. No chipping away wax anymore!

Created using a advanced vegan premium wax blend, this gel wax melt burns twice as long as traditional waxes. It's over twice as expensive for us to buy as our standard waxes, but it pays itself back in spades as it burns over twice as long, meaning you get to enjoy even more of your favorite scent with zero mess or scraping from your burner.

Inspired by a popular fabric conditioner, this is reminiscent of fresh laundry coming out! This brings back memories of detergent in a box!

Did we mention it's also packaged in plants? It might look like plastic, but it's not!

Reasons to love our Angel Gel Wax Melt

* This was highly requested as a standalone scent, after featuring in our Luxury Perfume Bundle

* No mess - once the gel has cooled, simply peel away from the burner and dispose of!

* Packaged in truly eco friendly packaging. It might look like it's plastic - but it's made of plants! The packaging is compostable so you know your purchase isn't contributing to a world full of plastic!

Helping you enjoy our Premium Gel Wax Melts safely

If you are new to Gel Wax Melts, it's really important to note the following

* Gel wax can get EXTREMELY hot. NEVER leave unattended, in reach or sight of children or pets

* Allow the gel wax to cool FULLY before attempting to remove. Touching gel wax can cause burns when hot, as it will stick to the skin unlike traditional waxes

* Only standard sized, 4hr tealights should be used. Your burner should have a minimum spacing of 10cm between the flame and dish. This is to ensure the gel wax does not get overly hot which can be a fire risk

* Ensure you only put an appropriate size of wax in your burner. You should not place a large amount in at once - this is a waste and runs the risk of the gel overspilling the dish. Choose a sensible amount that fills a good sized layer on the dish, but allows space above to prevent any wax spilling out and coming into contact with a flame.

* For electric burners, the medium to high setting is recommended. Gel Wax Melts burn at a hotter temperature, so it takes longer to initially smell the scent/ Electric burners on low temperatures may not get hot enough for a good scent throw.