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Black Cherry Scented Candle

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Create an inviting ambience in your and relax in the smell of sweet ripened black cherries.

This is one of our customer favourites due to it's strong scent profile!

Our candle is double-wicked to help increase the scent throw and allow for a more even burn, minimising any wax left on the edges.

The approximate burn time is 30hrs.

Candles have specific information to enjoy them safely, so please read the following below:

Important Candle Safety Information

Candle safety information is provided underneath each candle.

* Never leave a burning candle unattended, and do not use near children or pets. Do not light near flammable objects (curtains etc).

* Do not burn for more than 4 hours at a time

* When there is 5mm of wax left, extinguish the candle and do not re-light. Candles should never be burnt down to the bottom. Doing this may cause damage to the surface that your candle is sat on. It may also cause the wicks to come 'loose' and unstick from the candle which can be dangerous.

On the initial burn, a full melt pool should be allowed to form, which may take around 3 hours. A small amount of wax may be left at the sides, this should burn off during subsequent burns. If you do not let your candle burn sufficiently on the first burn, it may 'tunnel' on subsequent burns, meaning there will be a lot of unburnt wax. This will mean the candle will not last long, or release as much scent.