Laundry Scents Wax Melt Bundle

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The laundry fairy 🧚️ is real, and she's just given you a gift.

It's called Laundry Scents Wax Melt Bundle.... and it's here to make your home smell like a fresh-laundered pile of clothes 🧺 without ever touching the washer.

How?! Well, Laundry Scents Wax Melt Bundle contains five strong and long lasting laundry-inspired scents (including "Fresh Linen," "Laundry Fairy," and "Exotic Blooms").

So what do they do....?

They give off the scent of clean laundry without having to actually do the laundry yourself 🙋️. Just pop one in a burner, light it up, and voila! You'll have the scent of clean clothes wafting through your room for days—and no messy residue left behind!

So why not put off the wash for just one more day and melt your cares away 💆️.

This bundle contains the following laundry inspired scents

1. Fresh Linen - Think of fresh dried linen that is hot out of the dryer!

2. Ocean Escape -  A strong melt with beautiful notes of Neroli, Ylang Ylang, Amber, Patchouli, Muguet and Clove.

3. Laundry Fairy -  Inspired by a popular fabric conditioner, this is reminiscent of fresh laundry coming out! This brings back memories of detergent in a box!

4. Rose Wonderland - Another strong melt with notes of rose, geranium, orange flower, violet, jasmine and apple, all resting on a base of vanilla, musks and powder.

5. Exotic Blooms - Inspired by fabric softener, this is another strong wax melt with top notes of blood orange and citrus zest, leading onto iris, jasmine & peony and resting on a base of lemon, orange and mandarin.

All these are presented in our lovely satin feel pink bags, perfect for reusing for bits and bobs!