Pink Flamingo Scented Wax Melt Gift Bag

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Pink Flamingo Scented Wax Melt Gift Bag

About this Pink Flamingo Scented Wax Melt Gift Bag

Pick this as a perfect unique gift, or a treat for yourself!

Brighten up the day of someone you love, or yourself! These ultra bright flamingos have a super sweet candy scent of strawberry, vanilla with a little touch of raspberry, perfect for creating a cosy and super sweet environment in your home!

These wax melt gift bags contain approximately 150g of wax, meaning they can give up to 120 hours of luxurious fragrance.

We add the highest fragrance load we can into all our wax melts and on average, our wax melt gift bags release over 120 hours of strong fragrance which makes them exceptionally cost effective.

Wax Melt Usage Tips

Our customers find that the type of burner and also the amount of wax used has a an impact on scent throw. Traditional burners for wax melts tend to give a stronger throw, however, we use maximum scent capacity in so the throw from electric wax melt burners is very impressive!

Get hours of fragrance for an amazing price.

Wax Melt Instructions

Follow the instructions on either your traditional burner or your electric wax melt burner. For a lighter scent throw, we recommend only adding one or two wax shapes to your burner, and adjust as necessary. For a stronger scent throw, simply add a maximum of 3 shapes each time (but remember not to overfill!)

Cruelty Free Wax Melt
Wax melts in sustainable packaging eco-friendly