Are Wax Melts Safe For Dogs & Cats?

August 10 2023 – Oh My Melt

The soothing ambiance created by scented wax melts is a favorite among many, transforming living spaces into cozy sanctuaries filled with delightful fragrances. However, for pet owners, the concern of whether wax melts are safe for their furry companions remains paramount. Dogs and cats have a highly developed sense of smell, making them particularly sensitive to the various scents wafting through the air. Furthermore, their curiosity often leads them to investigate novel items, potentially putting them at risk. In this article, we delve into the safety considerations of using wax melts around pets, while highlighting Oh My Melt, a brand renowned for its commitment to crafting pet-friendly wax melts using natural waxes.

Understanding the Potential Risks

Before we explore the safety of wax melts for dogs and cats, it is essential to understand the potential risks associated with their use. Traditional wax melts are often made from paraffin wax, a byproduct of petroleum refining, which can release harmful toxins and chemicals when burned. These emissions could potentially irritate a pet's sensitive respiratory system, leading to discomfort or even more severe health issues. Furthermore, the curious nature of pets may lead them to inadvertently come into contact with melted wax, causing burns or other injuries.

Scents and Essential Oils: A Cautionary Tale

Beyond the wax composition, the scents and essential oils used in wax melts can also pose a risk to pets. Dogs and cats have unique physiologies and metabolisms, which can affect how they react to certain scents and oils. Some essential oils, such as eucalyptus, citrus, and tea tree, are known to be toxic to dogs and cats. Inhaling or ingesting these substances can lead to adverse reactions ranging from mild irritations to severe poisoning. Therefore, it is imperative to be cautious when selecting wax melts that contain scents derived from essential oils. As a general rule, we do not use essential oils in our melts.

Oh My Melt: A Pet-Friendly Solution

Amidst these concerns, pet owners can find solace in brands that prioritize the safety and well-being of their furry companions. Oh My Melt stands out as a shining example of a company that goes the extra mile to create wax melts that are not only captivating for humans but also safe for pets. Oh My Melt distinguishes itself by using natural waxes, such as soy and beeswax, as the base for their wax melts. These waxes are not only environmentally friendly but also do not emit harmful toxins when melted, reducing the risk of respiratory irritation for both pets and humans.

The brand's commitment to safety extends beyond the wax composition. Oh My Melt is diligent in selecting pet-safe fragrances, avoiding the use of essential oils that could be harmful to dogs and cats. This careful selection process ensures that the scents used in Oh My Melt products enhance the ambiance of a room without compromising the well-being of furry family members. As always, make sure your melts are not left where a pet could accidently ingest them as this can cause harm with any brand - wax is for a melter, and not for a pets stomach!

Tips for Using Wax Melts Safely Around Pets

While choosing pet-friendly wax melts like those offered by Oh My Melt is a significant step towards ensuring a safe environment for your pets, there are additional measures you can take to further minimize risks:

1. Opt for Natural Waxes: As mentioned earlier, natural waxes like soy and beeswax are preferable over paraffin wax due to their non-toxic properties.

2. Elevated Placement: Place wax melt warmers in areas that are out of reach for your pets, such as on high shelves or countertops.

3. Supervision: Keep a watchful eye on your pets when using wax melts, especially during the initial introduction. This helps prevent accidental contact or ingestion.

4. Ventilation: Ensure proper ventilation in the room where wax melts are used to minimize the concentration of any potential irritants in the air.

5. Pet Behavior: Observe your pets' behavior around wax melts. If they show signs of discomfort, sneezing, or unusual behavior, it might be best to discontinue use.


In the realm of home fragrance, the safety and well-being of our beloved pets should always be a top priority. Wax melts, with their alluring scents and calming effects, can indeed be enjoyed in harmony with dogs and cats when the right precautions are taken. As demonstrated by Oh My Melt, responsible brands are taking strides to create pet-friendly options by utilizing natural waxes and safe fragrances. By making informed choices and following simple safety measures, pet owners can indulge in the delightful world of wax melts without compromising the health and happiness of their furry companions.