How do wax melts work?

July 23 2022 – Oh My Melt

Wax melts are a great way of scenting your home. Whilst most people enjoy using a candle to scent their home, wax melts can be a great, cost effective alternative.

Whilst it is easy just to think of lighting a candle for scent, wax melts pack a large punch in a small piece of wax!

We're going to give you the low-down on how wax melts work, how do wax melts differ from scented candles, how we recommend using wax melts, and also where to find the highest quality wax melts - the best wax melts in the UK!

Let's begin!


What are wax melts?

Wax melts are, as the name suggests, wax that has been blended with a fragrance oil. This mix of fragrance and wax is then melted over an electric wax melt burner or a tealight wax melt burner to release the scent. In a candle, the temperature gets very hot and does let off scent, but some scent is burnt as it hits the flame.

In a wax melt, because the wax is not in contact with a flame, you are able to get a full benefits of the scent from the hot wax, without the flame burning it up. Wax melts are therefore more efficient at releasing scent than scented candles - as they allow the aromas to be released into the air without being burnt up by the candle flame.

You might think that's where it ends... but it isnt! Not all melts are created the same. Let's take a closer look...

The importance of choosing a high quality, premium wax melt

Just because wax melts might all be called the same thing, the quality of them differs significantly.

The first starting point is to look at exactly what the base material, or in this case, the wax is made out of. Different waxes can hold different amounts of fragrance, and are also produced in a variety of different ways.

Most commercial scented melts (such as those you buy from major brands on the high street) are made with paraffin wax. Whilst paraffin wax isn't the devil some make it out to be, it's not ideal either.

Parrafin wax is often chosen because it is cheaper to produce, but it does have some significant negative points when compared to using premium natural waxes, such as those in our wax tarts. Whilst parrafin can seem like the answers to your home fragrance needs (because it often can smell very strong), let's look at how it actually works.

Parrafin wax is a by-product of the petroleum industry, which is then bleached to make the wax look white. Whilst we cannot say that it is hazardous (it wouldn't be sold if it was that harmful), it's just not ideal if you are concious about the origins of your melts.

Oh My Melt was created out of a passion to provide handcrafted wax melts, using premium oils, natural waxes, but at an affordable price.

Our key aim is to offer value; we use the same premium ingredients as other retailers, but don't bang on about things that marketers use to sell you the product and justify a higher price. Strong scents, natural waxes & premium ingredients is the core of our operation!

Let's look in a bit more detail at candles vs wax melts.

Candles vs Wax Melts

We love both. It would be wrong of us to claim one is better than the other - they both have significant benefits in making your home, office or living areas smell amazing. The biggest difference is that unless you are using a parrafin wax based candle with a very strong oil, it's highly unlikely you can replicate the intensity of fragrance in a soy based candle (or a candle based with any natural wax).

It's not impossible to get a very strongly scented natural wax candle, it's just harder. Because scent is (for most consumers) the number 1 issue when choosing a candle, most commercial candles use parrafin to be able to offer a strong scent which customers expect, at a lower price.

Wax melts have a huge added benefit of mixology! You are able to your favourite melts in your burner to create new and exciting scents. This is clearly not possible with a candle!

Another benefit of wax melts vs candles is that you can use wax melts with an electric wax melt burner. This means you can completely cut out the issue of a flame/fire, meaning it's a great choice if you are safety concious or have children and pets in your home.

An Introduction To Using Scented Wax Melts - How do wax melts work?

Wax melts have become (for good reason!), the fastest growing section of the home fragrance industry. The range of scents available is phenomenal! We've got over 130 home fragrance products on our site, and growing! Our fragrances are strong, with our natural wax blend you can enjoy melting for hours! Our scents last longer than a lot of similar brands - so giving you value for money.

Let's begin at looking at some important Q&A's, and also some tips on getting the best out of your melts!

Are wax melts safe?

Yes, they are as safe as anything else that is used appropriately. Obviously anything can be misued. If you follow the tips on the packaging and on your wax burner, then you can absolutely use wax melts safely. To increase the safety, if this is a significant concern, you can use an electric wax melt burner, meaning there is no flame and thus no fire risk. This is a direct constrast to candles which must be lit to enjoy them - so in this respect, they indeed can be safer than candles!

Step by step guide on using wax melts

Step one: Choose your supplier!

We know we sound biased (of course), but using our natural, highly scented wax melts is a total no-brainer. It's no surprise that our customers come back for more and more, and we've got absolutely 1000's of them! Join in today and see what all the hype is about! If you do choose another supplier, just make sure that the wax is made out of a decent quality wax (ideally not parrafin).

If you are buying off a smaller supplier, just make sure that they are packaging their products safely with all required safety information, especially if you are giving them as a gift!

Step two: Choose your wax burner!

Whether you are choosing a tealight burner (which often smell strong because the wax gets hotter under the flame), or using an electric burner (for safety or preference), it's important you understand that each burner has significant drawbacks and benefits. Electric and plug in wax melt burners are typically more expensive to purchase initially, however as they do not require constant changing of tealights they can prove cheaper in the long run. Conversely, traditional tea light burners melt wax to a higher temperature, allowing you to enjoy a stronger scent!

Step three: Get melting using a traditional burner (or go to step four if using an electric wax melt burner)

Make sure you light your tealight and pop it under the burner in the allocated space as advised with the guidance that will come with your burner.

Make sure your wax is in the burner already. Never operate a tea light wax melter with no wax - it can cause the burner to smash into pieces because the heat becomes very intense! Make sure you never leave the burner unattended!

Step Four: Choose the ideal setting if using an electric wax melt burner

If using an electric burner, ensure that you read the instructions first! Then simply pop one or two cubes into your wax burner. One to two cubes is usually sufficient to start with!

Step Five: Enjoy!

Once you have either turned on your electric burner or lit your tealight and filled your burner - enjoy the scents! Remember to never leave your burner unattended.

Step Six: Turn off your electric burner/blow tea light out

Once you've finished, ensure you turn off your burner/extinguish your tealight. Before you remove the wax, make sure it is fully cooled - hot wax can burn!

Removing wax from a wax melt burner

Whilst there are various methods of removing wax from a burner, most people wait until cooled and then light the burner again, only for 20-30 seconds. This is enough time for the wax at the bottom to melt which means you can pop the melt out.

Ensure you wipe the burner with a clean or damp cloth - it's best to avoid cleaning chemicals as these may be burnt into the air next time you light your burner!

When your ready to get burning again, simply choose another scented melt! Why not mix two next time?

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