Scented Candles

Your Definitive Guide to Scented Candles

How do scented candles work? What is the difference between waxes? How can I prevent my candle from tunnelling? We've compliled a list of the most common Q&A's about scented candles.

How do scented candles work?

Scented candles are made by mixing together wax and a fragrance or essential oil. Once they are mixed, the liquid is poured into a container or mould that contains at least one wick. This is then allowed to set (often referred to as 'curing'. The time taken to cure is subject to lots of debate; some say as little as 24-48 hours whilst other say weeks. Trial and error is the best way of working this out, and it often depends on what wax you have used and the percentage of fragrance oil used. Fragrance oils release scent based on their 'melt pool' - this is where the flame heats the wax that is around the flame and this warmed/hot wax is what releases the aromas in the oil!

Why are some scented candles more expensive than others?

This depends on a number of factors. Primarily, the raw ingredients that make up the candle tend to dertermine this. For example, large commercial brands that use parrafin wax tend to be cheaper because they are mass produced and use cheaper ingredients.

Why don't you use parrafin?

Parraffin has been shown not be great for health, and therefore we never use it in any of our products.

We use a natural coconut wax to avoid some of the problems with soy, which some women have attributed to giving them headaches. Another contributing factor to the cost are the fragrances and percentage that are used.

Cheap fragrances will lower the overall candle cost, whereas stronger scents with higher quality will end up meaning the candle costs more.

Essential oils can also increase the cost of a candle, as these are expensive to purchase in large quantities and can increase the candle price.

How can home fragrance candles create a warm ambience in the home?

The aroma that you choose in your scented candle can really help you relax. Fragrances that are based on calming scents such as lavender, rose or geranium can really help you relax and improve your mood. Often, people say the flickering of the flame creates a warm ambience in the home.

Home fragrance is such a personal thing; as such, it is important to opt for scents that you may have smelt elsewhere, or you could be adventerous and try something new to transform your home! Our online store has a wide range to help fragrance your room and improve your decor.

What affects candle burn time?

The burn time can be affected by multiple factors. One of the biggest is whether or not you follow the instructions that come with your candle.

It is really important on the first burn to keep the candle burning until a full (or nearly full) burn pool is formed. This should never exceed 3-4 hrs, but please check your candle for it's specific instructions.

Candle wax has a 'memory' and will only burn as far as it was allowed to in the first burn. Therefore, if you burn it for a small time and only allow a small melt pool to form, it is likely to follow the same pattern all the way down. This means you will have lots of unburnt wax around the side and the candle will not last long at all!

The candle wick should always remained trimmed to the length specified on your candle. Large wicks that are untrimmed can cause very high out of control flames and be dangerous. They will also mean your candle burns quicker.

How do Oh My Melt create scented candles?

We craft all of our candles with care. Each candle is hand made in small batches using traditional artisan methods. We ensure that each candle is made with love! We do not use large scale commercial production.

As such, with all artisan makers, your candle will have it's own unique character. Whilst in commercial candles these are seen as 'imperfections', such as little frosting on the wax, this is actually the sign of a naturally made candle that hasn't used parraffin in it's production! Our artisans produce know exactly what goes into each and every one of our candles.

Whether your candle is for a gift, as part of our gift sets or just on it's own, we know that we have a scent to suit you!

Whether you want to brighten the feel of your home with fresh and uplifting scents or shop for something to create a warm and cosy scent (such as our Sandalwood candle!) we are sure to have what you need!

We also create a limited range of seasonal candles throughout the year which make fantastic gifts, or a great indulgence to treat yourself!

Do candles make good air fresheners?

Candles should always be used with supervision. They are a great way to fragrance your air, but only when you are present!

They should not be left on without supervision. Candles should always be lit in a draft free space, ensuring there are no flammable items nearby, and that they are out of reach & sight of children and pets.

What fragrances or scents do you have available?

We vary our selection of fragrances throughout the year, to ensure we always have new and exicting candles to offer. We however do keep an essential range throughout the year to ensure we always meet your home fragrance needs!

Browse through our selection today to see what fragrance will suit your mood! We are confident that we provide a wide fragrance selection with great scent profiles.

We also always aim to give a great price for each product; after all, home fragrance is our passion. Whether sweet, floral, fresh or woody, there's always something for everyone and every home!

Why is home fragrance so important?

We believe that home fragrance really can help lift your mood. It is remarkable that something so small can create such a lovely ambience.

The beauty of a candle is the warm feeling it gives, whether your lighting it yourself or giving it as a gift!

Our collection can help add that little extra special touch to your room! We offer a complete aftercare service, so are always available to answer any questions you may have about candles or home fragrance in general!